It’s Friday – oh happy day!
It’s the second Friday of November – already!
It’s also the first edition of our Friday Five Favorites – yippee!

We see lots of bloggers create some variation of this, rounding up five of their favorite inspiring things to wrap up the work week. I really enjoy having a few tidbits of varying types of inspiration in one spot! So many things influence and inspire our team throughout the week, and it’s our hope that sharing will help inspire you, too!

Here goes… this Friday’s Five Favorites!

1. Favorite office tunes: Days Are Gone album by Haim.
The three Haim sisters are everywhere right now and so insanely talented. Their album sound is reminiscent of the awesome 80’s girl bands that I used to love listening to (still do!) growing up. I wish I could be friends with these girls, hang out with them and bask in the glow of their ultra coolness. Their song Let Me Go is featured on the Carrie movie soundtrack and if you follow their Facebook Page, you’ll get sneak peek into the lives of the three sisters, like a throwback Halloween photo from their 90’s childhood days. Plus you’re going to get mesmerizing-long-locks hair envy while watching the video for Don’t Save Me. Enjoy!

2. Favorite commercial campaign: “On my left is one horse. With one-horse power. This thing is literally 360 times more powerful than you!”
Recognize that line? We’re loyal fans of the Anchorman dynasty and are stoked for the upcoming film! Dodge has totally hit the marketing jackpot by pulling Will Ferrell, Mr. Ron Burgundy himself, into their ad campaigns for the new 2014 Dodge Durango. The campaign has been wildly successful for Dodge: Dodge Durango Sales Skyrocket Thanks to Ron Burgundy Ads. All the elements just work together so well and fans of the film get a sneak peek of the Ron we’ve come to know and love, up to his old tricks.

3. Favorite book: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller
If you’re a fan of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, then you’ll enjoy The Dog Stars. As readers, we follow main character Hig and his loyal four-legged companion, Jasper, through a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by an epidemic nine years earlier. Hig and Jasper live in Colorado and I recognized many of the geographical locations described by Hig, making my experience as a reader that much more emotional. One of the first pieces of information we receive from Hig stuck with me until the end of the book, it’s meaning evolving in both terrifying and fascinating ways: “The ones who are left are mostly Not Nice.”

4. Favorite quote:

5. Favorite indulgence: Baileys Creamers® Red Velvet Cupcake flavor
Indulging in this coffee creamer means you can have Bailey’s for breakfast (it’s a non-alcoholic version, so it’s totally acceptable) and while nothing can beat a real red velvet cupcake, this is a delicious (and not too sweet) alternative. Give your morning coffee routine a mouthwatering makeover – your taste buds will thank you!

What inspired you this week? Let us know in the comments!
– Emily