Toward the end of last year there was plenty of buzz around ‘Social Media’ and what was going to happen in 2010. Let’s take a look back at a couple of those forecasts:

Sharing no longer means e-mail
The New York Times iPhone application recently added sharing functionality which allows a user to easily broadcast an article across networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Many websites already support this functionality, but it’s likely that we will see an increase in user behavior as it becomes more mainstream for people to share with networks what they used to do with e-mail lists. And content providers will be all too happy to help them distribute any way they choose.

I’ve been in marketing for the past ten years and email, for the most part, has been my primary form of communication. It can be great for both parties, one reason being because of the ‘paper trail’ and ‘evidence’ that the communication occurred. However, I’ve realized that its now required of me to stay on top of multiple communication vehicles in addition to email, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Do you think that all of these communication vehicles will enhance communication or will they make it easier for communication to get lost?