We had a little chat with MSNBC recently. 😉

When we decided to pack up the life we had spent almost five years building in Colorado and migrate back to the Mitten state, we weren’t sure how things were going to go. We were excited to be closer to our families and to the lakes we love, but when it came to our business, we had some doubts. We knew we had to make the leap and go all-in with creating the Michigan branch of NewEra if we wanted our business to keep the same robust momentum we had in Colorado. Our biggest question was: Could a business like ours succeed in the Michigan economy?

The first couple months were definitely a transitional period. But what we were finding was pleasantly surprising and exciting. Business owners wanted to talk to us about digital marketing solutions — they already knew how powerful the tools are and how much these cost-effective tools can help businesses. They just needed help with creating and executing strategies — that’s what we’re here for! We also found that these business owners were absolutely committed to their local communities and customers in ways we hadn’t experienced before. Their passion lit a fire in us — and full steam ahead we went! Our business has grown in so many ways, both in Michigan and in other states, and we continue to be inspired by our clients every day.

“The Petrovichs are part of a trend of business owners who are deciding to launch or re-launch their companies in Michigan.”

When Dan Baker of First Community Bank and Marketing Chair of the Traverse City Young Professionals, reached out to us with the opportunity to be interviewed by MSNBC about why we chose to come back and build our business in Michigan, we jumped at the chance. Its been a wonderful journey so far and we’re excited for the things still to come. The article also includes great tidbits from other fellow business owners about how great our Mitten state is for business and beyond. We hope it can inspire other small business owners who might be considering a Mitten migration to jump in, too — the water’s fine!

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